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3 Bathroom Trends Homeowners Might Want to Avoid

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Bathroom makeovers can help enhance a property, but homeowners should be careful not to be too trendy or it may have the opposite effect.

Tiny tiles

Mosaics of tiny colored tiles may be on-trend and offer a retro vibe to your bathroom, but they’ve also earned a reputation as being a pain to keep clean. Tiny tiles mean more grout to clean and maintain. Instead of doing a large space of tiny tiles, use them as an accent, such as the wall surrounding your vanity. Choose a place where they won’t get wet on the floor, in the tub, or in the shower so that cleaning them is less of a chore.

Hardwood floors

The flooring may be a hot choice for the rest of your home, but they can be a pain in the bathroom. It will warp next to a shower or tub if not dried after each use. Also, tile is more sanitary. If the wooden look is what you want, opt for something that resembles the exterior, but is actually tile.

Colored tubs and sinks

Color is gradually entering more bathrooms. But don’t forget the lessons from the 1950s pastel bathroom craze that brought in pink and aqua sinks. That had renovators ripping them out a few years later in favor of white, a safer choice for the long term. The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to do,  so be very safe because the parts are going to be expensive to change out. If color is what homeowners want, opt for painting the walls instead; it’s easier to change later on.

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