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3 No-Cost Ways to Stage

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1. Remove any extra storage.

Eliminate any plastic storage bins, over-the-door storage, above-cabinet storage, and extra racks in rooms. This is important because buyers never want to think they will outgrow a home. A seller’s job is to show them there is plenty of storage space for them to grow into.

2. Tweak the furniture layout.

Pay attention to how the furniture is placed in the room and its flow. Remove furniture that makes the space look too cluttered. Room layouts should be set up for photos first. It’s important that the photo not be of the back of a sofa, large chair, or other pieces of furniture, as this makes the room look smaller because it blocks the view of part of the room. The same goes for open houses and showings. If buyers see a room with furniture barriers, it makes the room seem smaller.

3. Lighten up the mood.

You want natural light and lamps with warm light—no swirly bulbs that look like office light. We tell most of our clients to remove valances as they typically make a room darker and, in most markets, are a little out of fashion. Lamps are important, especially in winter months when there is less sun and sunset is earlier.

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