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Aspects of a Home Buyers Shouldn’t Overlook

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After moving in, buyers will discover a lot about their new home—but they may wish they had paid closer attention to some items before signing the sale contract.

Nighttime atmosphere.View a home at different times of the day and night. A community can change drastically when everyone is home from work and school.

The commute. Buyers should test the morning and evening drive between their potential home and work. Does traffic make it difficult for them to get to work on time?

Homeowners association rules. Review a copy of the bylaws. The association’s conditions, covenants, and restrictions describe regulations around what homeowners can do with their property. You’ll also learn what neighbors are allowed to do—in case, for example, you are uncomfortable living next to a home that is being rented out.

The need for specialty inspections. The home may contain items that need to be assessed by specialists who go beyond a general inspection. For example, if the property contains a septic system, well, or solar panels, you may want a special evaluation.

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