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Biggest Remodeling Lessons Learned by DIYers

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Sanding a Floor Not Worth the Labor

Bruno estimated refinishing his enclosed porch, part of his whole-house project, would take about a week. Fast forward two and a half month….

The saga began when he rented an orbital sander to refinish ancient wood floors, which, once devoid of carpeting, were covered in paint and adhesive. He sanded and sanded and sanded, burning through coarser and coarser sandpaper. In fact, he spent $200 on sandpaper, not to mention the $40-per-day sander rental, and he wasn’t getting anywhere. Turns out, the hardware store had rented him a broken sander.

Lesson learned: When you’re doing a DIY project and you encounter an obstacle, don’t feel you have to push through with brute force. If something feels wrong, it probably is. That’s when to call the store or a friend, or watch a YouTube video on the topic.

Also weigh the time and expense it will cost you to do it yourself against hiring a pro. In the end, Bruno spent as much if not more than if he hired a pro.

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