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Chipping Program

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Residents of Elk Creek Fire Protection District & Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District can register starting February 21 for the fuel mitigation chipping program.
Pile Guidelines
Piles must be stacked by 8 a.m. on the scheduled chipping day.
Chipping will take place Monday through Friday.
Improperly stacked piles, and any piles stacked after 8 a.m, may not be identified or collected.
Stack piles neatly (no bags), with the large ends of branches facing the road.
Place piles within 5 feet of the roadway, but not touching the road or in drainage ditches.
NO piles on or in driveways, piles must be on a roadway accessible to the crew and equipment.
Maximum pile size is 5 ‘x 5′ x 5’. There is a 15-pile limit per address for each sign up period.
After crews have removed your pile, clear away any remaining branches, needles and debris.
Do not combine piles with neighbors’ piles or place piles in other neighborhoods.
NO piles that have been created by any machinery.
Piles that have rocks, dirt/debris, trash, or root wads will NOT be chipped.
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