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Do I Need a Permit?

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When undertaking a remodel or home improvement project, how do you know when you need a building permit from your city government?

Cities require permits to ensure that the changes on a home go on record. The changes also are reviewed by an inspector to ensure they’re up to code. For example, if you decide to rewire your electricity panel , exposed wires could represent a safety issue to you and your home.

When homeowners sell their home, buyers and lenders will want to know if any remodels they did complied with building codes. So the permit could salvage a sale too.

The general rule of thumb is that structural, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work will require a permit.

On the flip side, permits likely won’t be needed for painting, installing floors or faucets, or landscaping work.

Permit requirements vary by city. Check with the local building department to be on the safe side.

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