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Document Shred-A-Thon

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The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with CrimeStoppers, 9News and the Shred-it Inc. document shredding company to help prevent identity theft by holding an annual Shred-a-thon every year in May at our Headquarters (200 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO).

This year’s event will be on Saturday, May 13, from 7 a.m. to noon.

The Shred-a-thon is a fundraiser for the Denver metro area CrimeStoppers chapter. Voluntary donations for CrimeStoppers will be accepted at each site. The non-profit CrimeStoppers chapter supports local law enforcement agencies by offering anonymous cash rewards to individuals who can help solve crime. Documents will be shredded on-site, with officers present.

Allowable items: 3 copy paper boxes or kitchen garbage bags per person of: Old checks/carbon copies of checks, bank statements, pay stubs, receipts, credit card offers, medical information, bills, and retirement statements.

Prohibited items: Phone books, newspapers, plastics, aluminum cans.

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