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Easier Snow Removal

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Lay Out a Tarp Before the Snow
If you like short cuts, this technique, billed as “the laziest way imaginable” to clear snow. The day before an expected snowfall, lay a tarp on your walkway. When the snow finishes falling, just pull out the tarp, and voilà: an instantly cleared walkway. (Make sure pedestrians won’t trip on your tarp; include a sign or use this technique in your backyard walkway if you’re concerned.)

The technique requires a tarp, firewood, and twine as well as some prep work. Pre-storm, use firewood to weigh down your tarp — you don’t want it flying away in the wind! — and tie the twine to both the tarp and to a shovel standing upright in your yard. You’ll use the shovel to pull out the snow-laden tarp.

Although this method might be faster than shoveling, it does require manpower. After all, a cubic foot of snow can weigh between 7 and 20 pounds. So don’t get too ambitious with the size of your tarp or you might not be able to pull it once it’s full of snow. Also, best to dump the tarp after about 4-6 inches of snow, depending on the size of your tarp. And then reapply the tarp.

Happy Winter! Call me if you are looking to move south and forget about the snow shoveling.

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