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Jazz Up Your House Number

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Black house numbers on a piece of yellow painted wood 

Don’t limit your house numbers to merely displaying your home’s address; let them tell passersby a bit about who lives there. This creative homeowner used fun accent colors and creatively arranged wood to show some personality through an otherwise perfunctory part of a home’s exterior.

The ways to inject color into your house numbers may be as numerable as the addresses in your city, but key to making the project work is proper placement. With such a deep porch, this homeowner came up with a creative way to bring the house number front and center. Be sure to pick a spot for your colorful house numbers that serves their greater purpose: getting the pizza guy to your front door with minimal confusion.

If you have your house numbers on your mailbox — or even if you don’t — consider painting the place where you get your “Bed, Bath & Beyond” coupons. Painting utilitarian objects that are seen and touched every day can change the way you feel about your home. Besides the mailbox, think about your doorknobs, handles, and hand railings.

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