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Occupied Or Vacant

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Should a home be occupied or vacant for showings?

  • Less inconvenience: For starters, a homeowner is not interrupted at inopportune times to show the home. A seller doesn’t have to go out into the yard or walk around the block while buyers are looking at their home.
  • More showings likely: The chances that a real estate agent will show your home are increased. That’s because agents often take the path of least resistance. If they have 20 homes to show and five are occupied, they might be tempted to show the vacant homes because it’s easier. They don’t have to call and make an appointment. They can simply go over and use the lockbox.
  • No pressure to clean: The seller isn’t under continual pressure to keep their home in immaculate showing condition and spotless at all times. With small children, this can be almost impossible to do, even if one of the parents does not hold a job outside of the home.
  • Staging : As your realtor we will stage your home for free with newer furniture and accessories. It is best to leave a bed in the master and maybe one in the other bedrooms if possible and the kitchen table if it is in good condition.

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