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Remodeling: Style Over Function Hurts Resale

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The era of real estate-focused reality television is encouraging too many homeowners to put aesthetics before function in their remodeling projects. For example, the trend toward no-door kitchen cabinetry, which has been made popular by home improvement shows, isn’t a smart choice for a homeowner who isn’t a neat freak or who doesn’t have matching dishes.

Experts suggest choosing timeless updates that can stand the test over many design cycles. Remodeling experts also say it’s critical to put function first before embarking on a home improvement project.

Before taking on a remodel, experts recommend that homeowners ask themselves: How does this space function, and what do I wish was different? Will a renovation change how I use the space then?

Another common problem: skipping out on a permit. Obtaining a proper permit for the renovation could ensure fewer “function” issues after the work is complete.

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