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Successful Home Showing

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1. Eliminate clutter. When you approach the process of eliminating clutter, sort items into three categories: keep, donate, and throw away. Items you’re unwilling to part with but would take up extra space while you list, like family mementos, can be temporarily moved into a storage unit while your property is on the market.

2. Remove breakables. China, crystal, and other breakable items should be stored out of the way of potential buyers and other people who will be coming through your home during showings or appointments.

3. Stage your property to display its potential. Setting the table or putting a throw on a cozy chair can help potential buyers envision your house as a home.


4. Have a family plan of action. If a showing is scheduled with little notice, engage your entire family in preparing the home. You should have a strategy arranged beforehand in case the situation arises so that everyone knows what part they are expected to play in readying the home.

5. Remove prescription medicine. You can never be certain of someone’s intentions when they enter your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure you remove all sensitive items before showings.

6. Lock up personal paperwork and valuables. For the same reasons listed in the last point, this is especially critical.

7. Tidy up the house each morning. This will make it easier to maintain a show-ready property. Doing dishes as soon as they’re dirtied and removing mail from counters are just two examples of tasks you should do.

8. Clean up the garage and attic. Buyers will be interested in seeing your home’s storage potential.

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