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Thank you CV 19

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Thank you coronavirus for being the wake up call this world has needed.

Thank you coronavirus for the mindfulness being instilled in so many beings. As we wash our hands, may we cleanse our realities from broken paradigms of corruption. As we explore more time for ‘being’ than lifetimes of endless ‘doing’, may the world take pause from unhealthy habits of survival mode to explore life from a deeper state of peace, harmony, and oneness. As friends and families come together, may this bring neighbors and communities together in intended peaceful assembly as our new earth continues to be birthed in the glory of our awareness and presence.

Thank you gratitude for showing us that the power of our perception is stronger than any pandemic of fear. In knowing it is so, we allow all patterns, characters, and agendas of scarcity, victimhood, fear, abuse, survival mode, greed, and corruption to be cleared out of our energy field, transmuted completely, and healed to completion now. From this moment forward, as the creator of our reality, we command all power we unknowingly gave away to be swiftly returned to our energy field.

Thank you gratitude for transforming coronavirus back into light. Thank you for reminding us the power that is always within us.

From Matt Kahn…………………Embrace your life.

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