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  • Apr 7, 2015
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Fiberglass Windows

Relatively new to the marketplace, fiberglass windows are gaining traction as homeowners, builders, and contractors learn how sturdy and low-maintenance they are. Fiberglass is moisture- and rot-resistant, won’t warp, and provides good thermal insulating properties.

Right now, fiberglass windows only have about a 2% to 4% market share, and prices tend to be higher than comparable vinyl windows (but still less than top-quality wood windows). That should change as more manufacturers start producing fiberglass windows.

Why it’s low-maintenance: Fiberglass is dimensionally stable so it doesn’t warp even under extreme temperatures. Seams are bonded together and won’t separate or have gaps, so repairs are virtually non-existent. That means the window will operate reliably for years.

Fiberglass windows come pre-finished and look like real wood, or are painted in factory-applied finishes. Fiberglass holds paint well — a good option if you’re looking to apply your own custom color. The fact that fiberglass doesn’t warp or shrink means paint finishes are long-lasting and touch-up work is rare.

Warranties range from 10 to 20 years, which includes the glass and glass seals.

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