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Conventional Loans Just Got Easier

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  • The debt-to-income ratio for conventional loans is increasing from 45% to 50%.  This is a huge change that will increase the amount that borrowers can get approved for.
  • You will no longer have to get disputed accounts removed from your credit report before getting pre-approved.  In the past, you had to call the creditor and tell them you were no longer disputing an account before a lender could give you an accurate pre-approval.  When the change is made at the end of July, the underwriting software will no longer disregard disputed accounts, so we can get you pre-approved immediately if you have disputed accounts.
  • For student loans, we can now use the payment that shows on a borrower’s credit report, rather than having to use 1% of the outstanding balance.  If you are re-paying your student loans with income-based payments, we can now use the lower, income-based payment that you are actually making. 

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